Bulk Shipping primarily acts as agents for tramp vessels calling at the ports of Pakistan. In addition, the company also renders services as protecting / husbanding agents for reputable owners whose vessels have been chartered by others. The company handles more than 2 million tons of cargoes annually under its agency.

The guiding principle is to provide a first class service to the Principals. Highly experienced and knowledgeable executives cater to the needs of the consignor, consignee, vessel owners, charterers and other stake holders. The working of each ship is meticulously planned in advance, and continuously monitored thereafter. Close, personal contact is maintained with the port authorities to ensure expeditious berthing and sailing of vessels. In addition, cordial relationship is cultivated with various other government departments such as Customs, Mercantile Marine Department, Port Health etc., thus enabling the company to perform with tangible differences as compared to others. Bulk Shipping Team Members also strive to provide a personalized service to Masters / Officers and their crew in order to fulfill their requirements.

A competent Claims Department, assisted by lawyers, is maintained to process all cargo claims. These are thoroughly verified and then passed on to owners, underwriters or P&I Clubs as appropriate.

A Commercial Department has been established to lend support to the port agency side of the business. This is manned by a competent and experienced team which maintains regular contact with importers, exporters, forwarders, project contractors etc.



Bulk Shipping also owns subsidiaries associated with stevedoring and port operations. The company owns bulk fertilizer, wheat, seeds discharging & loading equipments which include automatic bagging plants, vacuators with conveyor systems.

We are handling/discharging about 90 to 100 percent of the total bulk fertilizer imports. Our subsidiaries also own bulk cargo handling equipments i.e. pneumatic bagging plants, evacuators, conveyor systems, grabs, trucks, trailers, dumpers, bulldozers, forklifts etc. We also have other equipment, such as orange peel grabs for scrap discharging + top loaders for container handling.  Our stevedoring set-ups and port equipment owning companies are also under professional management. One of our stevedoring firms has surpassed their own previously recorded performance by discharging/simultaneous bagging of 11,371 M.Tons of bulk fertilizer from a ship, in 24 hours.

The company successfully handles millions of tons of cargo annually.

Tally / Survey

Bulk Shipping’s tally division performs round the clock tally jobs and marine survey of all nature / types.

Cargo / Ship brokerage

These services are available for our clients as and when required.

We effectively and efficiently handle post fixture voyage analysis.

Ship Spare Supply/ Services

Bulk Shipping has a dedicated department for facilitating its worldwide customers with the supply of local & imported spare parts. The department also looks after deck / engine repair jobs on board vessels alongside berth and at anchorage.


We efficiently handle joining and departing seafarers at ports or anchorage at economical cost. We meet crew on arrival and assist in clearance through customs and immigration. We arrange cost effective and comfortable hotel accommodation for sign-on / sign-off crew and ensure proper care. We can arrange economical air tickets for any destination with special discounts.


We have good contacts with all bunker suppliers and maintain close relations with suppliers and receivers. We can arrange the supply of bunker and dispatch samples of bunker for analysis as per instructions. Also arrange bunker on-hire / off-hire survey.

Terminal Operators

We and our sister concerns have been representatives of U.S. Lines, Choyang Lines, Global Container Lines and K Lines, and also other various lines. We have managed all terminal operations including tally, documentation etc.

We manage about 22,000 square meters of container terminal & depot within Karachi Port & we have joined hands with our partners Al-Hamd International Container Terminal (Pvt) Ltd for the handling of scrap and metal cargo at their off dock customs bonded facility.

AICT is a state-of-the-art 26-acres Off-Dock Terminal facility. It has 8 acres of customized dedicated Paved Area for the handling of scrap and metal cargo. AICT offers 24-hours fool proof security, processing capability and capacity for handling and storage of scrap.

Freight Forwarding

We are rendering our services as NVOCC/freight forwarders and consolidators. We are capable of supervising and managing liner agencies. We are presently in the market to represent a reputable container line. We are also efficiently handling shipments to Afghanistan, both container and project cargoes via Karachi, to the satisfaction of our clients.

Transport / logistics supports

Bulk Shipping also provides inland transport facilities by road / rail / air for all types of cargo. We are geared up to handle customers’ requirements including providing suitable crafts, barges, tugs, trailers, trucks etc under proper supervision.

Salvage Operations

We have also been associated with salvage operations (through our principles M/s. SvitzerWijsmuller) and attended to offloading of loaded vessel mv. Emin (vessel was carrying 22,000 M.Tons of bagged rice) which was grounded outside Karachi harbour in 1999 during heavy monsoon. We arranged all logistics supports, ship chandelling transport arrangements, clearing of equipments and overseeing / coordination of movements of all personnel of the salvage team. We also discharged (with our private labour) into dhows about 50 per cent of the cargo from the ship at the grounded position, to assist the lifting of the grounded vessel for smooth salvage operation.

This is the only successful salvage operation up-to-date in the history of Pakistan where both the grounded vessel and her cargo were recovered safely. Although there have been numerous crafts / vessels grounded in Pakistani waters.


We are involved in Port / Terminal development projects and port related equipments / services.


We are the pioneers of trans-loading of bulk cargo at off-shore for over three decades during the sixties / seventies & eightees.  We have successfully performed full or partial loading and unloading of ocean-going vessels anchored off port through lighter vessels.  During those many years, we handled millions of tons of dry bulk cargo by ship-to-ship transfer that took place at open sea or at OPL (Outer Port Limit) in Karachi and performed full agency services for lighterage vessels.

OFF port “sts” operations & SUPPORT SERVICE

Management of ship-to-ship transfer operations at open sea.

Support services to offshore project operations.

Supply & Delivery and Repair & Maintenance services at off-port / off-shore.


A 24/7 single point of contact for all onshore and offshore operations in Pakistan.

Prompt response.

Provide continuous support to put supplies and assistance within easy reach of vessel at port and at off-port/off-shore as well.

Cost efficient cohesive support services under one-window.